Interstate Crossroads of Narcotics Anonymous
Group Service Representative Report

The following groups are in need of support:
Sunday Morning Serenity - Washington - Sunday 10.00AM
Sunday Evening Guidance - Washington - Sunday 05.30PM
Hope and Freedom - Washington - Wednesday 06.45PM
We Do Recover - Washington - Thursday 06.30PM
Women In Motion - Washington - Thursday 07.00PM
Carmichaels Group of NA - Carmichaels - Thursday 08.00PM
Noon Alternative - Washington - Friday 12.00PM
Friday Night in the Book - Washington - Friday 07.30PM
Give Yourself A Break - Washington - Saturday 12.00PM
Understanding & Application - Washington - Saturday 07.00PM

Area Service meets on the 1st Sunday of every month at *2pm. H&I meets at 12:30pm with 6 months clean time to participate. The Activities Committee meets at 1pm, 24hrs clean to participate. Public Relations meets at 1:30pm, 24hrs clean to participate. The location for all meetings is 101 South College St in Washington. Trusted Servants are needed, come get involved! *please make sure home group literature orders are submitted before start of Area at 2 PM. Money order donations at Area only.

Vacant ICANA service positions: Vice Chair, RCM, RCM alt, Convention Liaison, BOD, and Vice Web Servant.

Washington I - Speaker Jam on Saturday, October 22nd from 5 - 10 PM at the City Mission [84 W. Wheeling Street, Washington, PA].

ICANA Public Relations presents PR and Newcomer Workshops on Saturday, October 15th from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm at Harmony Life Center. [3 speakers]

Mid-Day Journey - reporting Peters Creek United Presbyterian Church is potentially closing by the 1st of the next year. More will be revealed by the end of the month.

Understanding & Application - will not be be meeting Saturday, October 29th.

Drug problem? We can help! It Works - It's Free
Regional helpline: 412-391-5247 - Toll free: 888-251-2426 -TTY: 412-281-1375